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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 11, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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scored well enough in the latest polls to join the ten other candidates from last time. fiorina, the target of donald trump's latest attacks. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter:ened donald trump on the defense after attacking carly fiorina. telling "rolling stone" -- "look at that face! would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" this morning on "the view," trump insisting he wasn't referring to fiorina's looks. >> i'm talking about her persona. she failed miserably at hewlett pack card. she then ran for the senate, she lost in a landslide. now she's running for president. >> why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face? >> reporter: jeb bush calling trump's remarks "demeaning." >> maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> reporter: trump also tangling with his closest competition in the polls, dr. ben carson, after carson was asked how he's different from the billionaire. >> i've realized where my success has come from, and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. >> reporter: trump firing back.
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>> i don't think he's a great religious figure. i saw him yesterday quoting on humility and it looked like he had just memorized it two minutes before he made the quote. >> reporter: dr. carson told me he's been a christian his whole life and will turn the other cheek when it comes to trump. >> i'm not going to get into the mud and start slinging dirt. that's not the kind of person i am. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, houston. all right. the next debate on the 16th. now to a family in tennessee that did get a surprise when they checked out their car. take a look at this. this is what was inside. mama bear and she couldn't get out. and that's not good for your car at all. eventually the family member opened a door so the bear could leave. but that's what it left behind. you see there? yeah, big mess. leather seats ripped up. interior of the doors torn up. >> might, as well just call that a loss. got to wonder what the insurance company will say about that. >> do they cover bear damage to cars? how do you explain it? >> bear got trapped in my car.
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>> what had happened was, i don't know. >> mama bear. >> mama bear decided she wanted to take the car for a spin and couldn't find the keys. >> it was a lexus. >> it happens when you can't find the keys, you get a little frustrated. coming up an important question. can too much sleep be unhealthy? >> i have never heard of that. >> speak of unhealthy, we're about to reveal some secrets about a favorite item on the breakfast table. and the astonishing discovery deep underground in south africa. a potential game-changer in the history of the human race. first, today's high temperatures. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by icy hot smart relief.
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yeah, that's the luxury automakers new crossover flown from one side of the hudson to the other. on this side of the river, a party of fashionistas watching it all. the stunt engineered by cadillac and hip clothing designers in the city for fashion week. >> gets your attention. >> it does. now to a study we insomniacs never have to worry about, the effects of too much sleep. we already know a lack of sleep could lead to poor health. researchers say people who sleep more than nine hours a night were at risk for early signs of heart disease. they're quick to point out it may be many people with unhealthy hearts just need more shut eye. sounds like a little bit more research is needed on that one. >> let's do that research. scientists in south africa discovered the remains of a previously unknown human-like species which appears to have been buried its dead in a ritual. >> up till now humans were the only species known to do this. the do i ever could be game
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changing. paula gosh has more. >> reporter: deep inside this scientists made a discovery beyond their wildest dreams. guided by torches, only these female scientists are small enough to squeeze through the narrow gaps in the rock. crawling through 200 meters of tunnel. the scientist in charge watching in amazement from the surface. >> that's it. >> eventually, they see hundreds of fragments of bones, skulls, hands and teeth. it's the biggest find of ancient-human remains ever found in africa. >> everywhere that my head lamp shown, i could see that there was bone on the floor. i mean not full bone but fragments of material but basicallier from i looked and it was just an incredible thing to see, yeah. >> reporter: they've called it niletti, it you can wad on two legs but with a tiny gorilla
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sized brain. and this picture from the national geographic magazine shows what it looked like. possibly a bridge between april-like creatures and early humans. the researchers believe that because of its very small brain size, it could we'll be one of the very first of the group that modern humans belonged to. and may have lived 3 million years ago. >> it would have stood about five feet tall, a small brain about the size of a large orange but a very human-like character to the overall plan of the skull. a hand that is almost human to the palm but then curved extremely out at the distal ends and then long legs that culminate in an incredibly human-like foot. >> reporter: it seems that the niletti people would carry their an dead deep into this cave system. if that is the case, it would be the first evidence of ritual behavior in a species, possibly
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millions of years earlier than anyone had ever thought. what other discoveries lie beneath these african plains. >> scientists believe that there are many more species of human ancestors yet to be discovered. pa leb gauche, bbc, johannesburg. >> coming up granola not the healthy treat you once thought. we'll be right back.
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okay. so when most of us go for granola, we think of it as a healthy choice. there's a darker side to the food, as well. >> you mean it's not a vegetable. >> no, it's not a vegetable or a an fruit. >> so if you do have some granola in your pantry right now, you better go there, pull it out of the cabinet and prepare for your world to be rocked this morning. becky worley now with the details. iraqis. >> reporter: granola, nuts, oats, raise ins, healthy. nutrients, all good tough in there, right? for these three brands, the serving size is eight quarter of a cup. that's arab. to illustrate. we offer free breakfast. pick any one of these three and serve yourself what you would normally eat for breakfast. after they pour, i measure. 420 calories. >> yikes. >> 18 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. that's like your normal. >> i'd probably eat more.
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>> just over a cup, 560 calories. >> wow. >> 24 grandpas of fat and 28 grams of sugar. >> in fact, comparing the calories fat and sugar of these servings, a surprising equivalent. it's almost as much as a quarter pounder and a half a coke. >> let's not eat that. >> people didn't realize how small the serving size was. does that look like enough for you? >> no. >> right? >> starving in the morning. >> of the 12 people we talked to, only one read the serving size and poured out the correct portion. >> my son's a type 1 diabetic so i read the back. >> the american heart association recommends women consume no more than 24 grams of sugar. >> which causes a problem as this woman's portion netted her 17 grams of sugar. >> that's not good. >> reporter: not all brands are this calorie dense. we reached out to all threemakers. nature's path said we adhere to the 30 gram serving size for all grain based knack mixes.
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bare naked says it also follows the fda regulations. while a quarter cup may not take up a lot of space on your plate, it still offers nutrients boulder brands says it uses the fda guidelines so consumers can compare products easily. becky worley, abc news, new york. so with the series this week, for us morning folks, we've now lost yogurt, granola and muffins. how are we supposed to eat? egg whites? >> with cheddar. or a milkshake. what do you call those, protein shakes. >> even those are fairly fattening, as well. >> apparently you can make it your old granola, old fashioned rolled '80s, dried fruits, dried roted nuts and vanilla. >> it sounds like too much effort for a single guy. >> get to the protein shakes. you like those. >> man what, do we eat now?
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♪ all right. it's time to check out what's new in theaters. >> first up "the visit," a horror comedy. written and directed by master of suspense m. knight sham ma lan about a brother and sister sent to their grandparents farm for a week and they find grandma and grandpa have adopted disturbing tendencies. it begins to reveal itself as something a little bit more siniste sinister. >> get all the way inside. >> becca. >> she's done it before. >> do this first.
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>> i'll be quick. >> oh, this just take a second. >> that is weird. >> what? don't take the kids to see this one. >> nothing weird about that. okay. so as we pay a visit to the reviews, we find a mixed bag actually. james rockie of the rap says it's more of the same presented on a smaller cheaper canvas. where you can see every flaw all the more clearly. and stacy lane wilson of at home in hollywood has a more positive take calling the film a wild ride with a few thrills along the way. >> next up, "sleeping with other people," starring allison breeann jason sue day kiss. lane befriends jake a womanizer with an apparent heart of gold. while initially platonic, the duo falls for each other while trying to abandon their promiscuous ways. >> who wants to learn to dance?
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okay. you're good. run. there. >> naomi, put on track 7 on my workout mix. >> you don't have to do this. it's not your responsibility. >> okay. relax. also, two minutes ago, i accepted my body for the first time. >> at at that time girl. >> critics have been split here with kate of the play list describing the film as a satisfying charmer with a big payoff. amber wilkinson saying it's misogny short on laughs and shorter on believability. >> sounds like a straight out of compton week again. >> you're all about that movie. >> that's the news for there half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook,
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this morning on "world news now," terror warnings 14 years after 9/11. >> as the feds bust a suspected isis sympathizer linked to another pressure cooker bomb plot similar to boston. that attack planned for today. reaching out, the refugees fleeing the middle east for europe. why thousands more could be headed from syria to the united states. life-saving lessons after that jet erupted into flames in las vegas, safety experts show us how to evacuate an airplane quickly and safely. and later, crowning achievement. beauty queen vanessa williams and a scandal that took away her miss america title. she talks about her remarkable return to the pageant in an abc news exclusive. it's friday, septemb 11th. from abc news,


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